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Would have downloaded the game if the title on top wasn't with comic sans

Join here to find a game online.

I press "Play" in the launcher, the launcher disappears and nothing happens. tried multiple times, didnt work. i tried launching as administrator, still doesnt work. please help

check your task manager when it doesn't load to be sure if it is loading but not showing up or the program is failing.

Did you download through the website NOT on the app?

Good Game




Yes, good idea. Join here. ^

hi all


It will only let me play against zombies on a Mac

This game look's fun!.


The launcher doesn't work, but I can manually start the exes. The game is pretty fun, but it will get better when you have the resources to develop it more :)

thank you

I have an error with code 127

what device

Is there singleplayer bots??

Sorry for the late reply. There is a single player zombies mode but yes the other mode is online only.

i won't to cancel the download. but i can't beacuse are a game that is only multyplier

Sorry for the late reply. There is a single player zombies mode but yes the other mode is online only. Once enough Money is gathered through donations, we will begin the creation of a second one with all your recommendations.


How do you install on linux?

its just a zip folder, so download it and unzip it. then play it from there. There isnt a launcher for linux though, sorry. Just find the .exe for the game in the zip.


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Let's get a game going! I'm playing the test map.

U have it from template, but i like it :)

no idea why, but It wont launch.

Error message is "spawn UNKNOWN", if that helps.

If you want to get the changelog, i can send it to you...


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mac, windows, or linux?


i dont know. try re-running the installer after removing the current one and see if that does anything

Ok, thanks, if it doesnt work, I will let u know.


See this thread for a full log. The issue is that Spec Ops - Arrival is using an installer type not supported by

Shipping a portable version of the game (just a zipped .exe + data files) would work. In the meantime, app users can't play the game. See this page for details.

You mean mac,windows or linux ??.. :P

lol yeah

I really like the look of it!

Is this still being updated or is this a dead game because this is a really promising FPS

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it is still being updated. Slowly right now but once i get more free time it will recieve alot of updates

*Cough* *cough* Nine circles *cough* *cough*


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How do I change classes on mac?

on mac you cant, on windows, it is an option before you play, sorry

also why can i only play zombies?

mac or pc?

i use a mac

but i do love how the zombies are a little dumb on the map cuz i can just sit in one spot and they wont get me.

lol. I just checked in the file for mac and there are two files Spec Ops - Arrival and Spec Ops - (Since i use windows i can go through the .app folder and everything looks right) My only sugestion is to re-download the .zip agin

OK thx ill try to do that

So how do you change guns in Multiplayer?

on mac you cant, on windows, it is an option before you play

i ran into a what i think is a bug on the mac version when i died i wasnt able to leave the game or anything until i force quitted it which took me a while to figure out.

on multiplayer or zombies?

on zombies well actually that was the only thing. i laucnched the game then i was dropped right in with a pause menu so i clicked unpause and played then i died then i couldnt respawn. Suggestions?

yeah, on zombies, just click play and move around. There is a crawler on the fllor at the start of every game, so that is probably what killed you. Click controls on the pause menu if you dont know how to play. Also, yeah on zombies it is supposed to make you force quit. It kindof like a if you die, you die thing

okay thanks yeah it would of helped to look at the controlls

Is there a zip for Windows, the Installer doesn't work

no, i will make one

Thank you :)

i cant because it is greater than the max file size on

That's ok :)

Does it have local multiplayer mode?

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Not local but online. If you have two computers you can play like that.

Then why its tagged as Local Multiplayer?

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Because if you have two computers, you can play on your LAN, but if you believe I should change it, I will.

I might buy it. It's on my wishlist though. I might not buy it because I do not know if this will run on my pc. (and is there a way to make the gore less gorey?

To the gore - no, and if you have windows, all you need to do is run an installer. For Mac or Linux, its, in a .zip folder

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Best fps multiplayer game on PC. Great Game!


I love the game, its great! Five stars for sure! I reviewed it on Youtube - Watch it here:

That video was made in the beta version. It has changed alot. :D

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Hey, can you fix the default class? Its not working for me

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Yes, I will for sure. Thanks for pointing that out.

Is it done?